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Risk Mitigation with Crisis Management Applications

Integration solution for end-to-end crisis management.

Crisis Management Application by Techvista empowers organizations to mitigate the risks of turbulence caused by the unprecedented circumstances of today. Built using Microsoft Power Platform, it allows for streamlined and simplified communication between different teams during times of crisis. By integrating with Office 365 accounts of the users, Crisis Management Application provides them with a convenient way to communicate with their leadership about their situation and receive support during the crisis.

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Innovation-Backed Ideas Management System

Intuitive idea management that fuels innovation and customer engagement.

Ideas Management System enables organizations to efficiently manage, organize, discuss, and develop ideas to improve employee engagement and customer service. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, IMS aims to amplify facets such as strategic planning, analytical reports, feedback and customer support, idea assessment, campaign management and voting. With its powerful capabilities, it ensures true visibility at every step of the ideation and implementation process. Extensively customizable, IMS aligns with your business processes to enhance accuracy, improve productivity, safeguard against costly delays, and efficiently execute the whole idea management process without any disruption.

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Resilient Customer Service Management

Deliver prompt, consistent, and seamless customer service.

Customer Service Management (CSM) by Techvista Systems is a highly customizable and scalable solution that empowers customer service teams to provide quick responses, make timely follow-ups, and deliver consistent customer experiences. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, CSM enables incident-based services through SLAs. It enhances customer satisfaction and reduces your organization’s support costs through its 24/7 chatbot-enabled self-service web portal, which allows your valued customers to find answers to their questions and track the status of their case. With support for the cutting-edge Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights solution, CSM breaks new grounds for seamless, personalized customer services.

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The Development of CRM Banking Catalyst to Solve Challenges

Unified, omnichannel customer service solution for banks.

Banking Catalyst leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service to deliver a personalized and unified omnichannel experience for banks. The powerful CRM system allows for streamlined banking processes, increased wallet share, reduced attrition, and proactive risk management by ensuring

regulatory compliance. With a self-service portal available 24/7, it allows customers to find answers to their specific queries, thereby saving precious time and money spent on support calls. And the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights module delivers next-generation customer service customization and sophistication.

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Consolidated, Configurable and an Automated Procurement System

Automated and seamless procurement experience.

Efficient and secure procurement processes are essential to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage. An ideal procurement solution should deliver seamless, cost-effective, and integrated eProcurement process management. eProcurement Solution by Techvista delivers the right flexibility and transparency to procurement teams and supply chain organizations to manage their procurement processes with ease. It enhances vendor engagement by reducing redundancy and automating the vendor onboarding process. Additionally, it can integrate with your ERP system in real-time to uncover comprehensive visibility into every stage of the procurement cycle for both buyers and sellers.

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Deploy B2B Data Interchange across Partners (EDI or Non-EDI)

Seamless B2B data connectivity with network partners

Partner Communication provides a complete solution of data interchange between connected business partners with either a VAN-based or direct connection. Easy and quick to implement and hosted on the cloud, it can process thousands of transactions per hour. It allows frictionless partner onboarding with its EDI-optimized business rule engine and extensive business rules library. Moreover, it supports all major data transport protocols like AS2, EDIFACT, FTP, SMTP, and X12, as well as other custom formats for reliable and secure communication with any partner organization.

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Redefining Business Intelligence through Retail Analytics

Powerful business intelligence platform for multichannel retailers

Techvista’s Retail Analytics solution is a powerful business intelligence platform that includes over 2,500 built-in metrics, scalable KPIs, as well as detailed dashboards and reports. It delivers industry-specific analytics which consists of real-time consumer behaviour and stock data stored in the cloud. With the unison of AI & Big Data, Retail Analytics leverages data from various potent sources to generate intelligent data which can be used to create positive customer experiences.


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Deploy Sublime Omnichannel Experience through Middleware Connector

Enable seamless omnichannel commerce experiences

Middleware Connector makes unified omnichannel commerce from your existing system an easy possibility. It seamlessly integrates and unifies your current eCommerce system with Microsoft Dynamics 365. By eliminating error-prone configurations and manual work required in integrating two separate systems, it delivers an efficient, unified channel management system capable of intelligently delivering streamlined cross-channel experiences for consumers.