Dynamics 365 Operations

Operation Management Software

Uplift resource management 

A business operations software can uplift your resource management by allowing you to process, manage and track supply chain operations. with a solidified resource model and scheduling engine. 

Market Intelligently 

Our platform uses advanced warehouse and logistics management tools to elevate the supply chain. You can enhance the workflow of manufacturing raw materials and the product, syncing everything in the supply chain. 

Optimize manufacturing processes 

Enable your supply chain to gain efficacy from mixed-mode manufacturing through a unified solution. 

Amplify your product’s performance

Gain access to real-time AI-backed insights of the entire product line. Useful data will be deduced from the entire supply chain and can help in improving performance. 

Strengthen manufacturing parameters

Our platform allows you to strengthen your manufacturing parameters for each product family including MTO, CTO, ETO, MTS, and PTO. 

Elevate supply chain and logistics

Procurement process 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations automates procurement procedures that enable a faster procurement process.  

A modern approach towards logistics

Unify all your transportation channels, warehouses, and sites to enhance fulfilment and increase productivity.  

Proactive order processing

Leverage automated order-to-cash processes to proactively engage with customer demand and never fall into a dead end. 

Leverage data and insights 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations sheds light on exclusive insights and monitoring data that can be used to gain actionable insights. 

Unify the fulfilment process 

Gain a holistic view of your supply channel through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations. This allows you to effortlessly connect sales, procurement, production, and logistics. 

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