Dynamics 365 Marketing

Lead generation and management

Targeted customer acquisition

It’s not about lead generation, it’s about acquiring the right kind of customers. With Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can run targeted marketing campaigns from a marketing management ERP software to generate meaningful leads.

Campaign asset creation

Dynamics 365 Marketing allow seamless campaign asset creation. Even if you have an external CMS, Dynamics 365 allows the usage of design tools, content blocks and templates while being integrated.

Personalized customer experience

Through data analysis, personalized customer experiences can be generated by obtaining information from a buyer’s history. Leverage Dynamics 365 Marketing to gain an edge over your competitors.

Orient sales and marketing

Target Ascendency

When marketing and sales are oriented together, then you achieve your targets. Ascend towards higher gains with Dynamics 365 Marketing and align your sales and marketing strategies.

A unified integrated mechanism

Dynamics 365 integration provides a unified mechanism of integration across all leads, customers, and potential customers. This allows fur supreme management and exclusive insights.

Efficient marketing channels

Dynamics 365 Marketing comes with pre-built dynamic workflows that allow for efficient marketing channels including business advertising apps. This enables you to efficiently write emails and send them to prospects.

Better decision-making mechanism

Prioritize your prospects

Focus on leads that are meaningful and have higher chances of conversion. Dynamics 365 does this through insights garnered from multiple lead scoring models and A/B testing for emails.

Reach the right people

Dynamics 365 garners data and opens newer possibilities to reach the right audience. Through holistic data on preferences and trends, we pave newer domains for you to explore.

ROI & Targets

Boost your ROI and achieve targets through an extensive list of intelligence-based tools and analytics.

Growth intensiveness

Tailored to your business needs

Dynamics 365 Marketing can be tailored to your business needs and provide the specifics that are missing from your strategies.

Capability Extension

Dynamics 365 Marketing can easily be integrated with third-party extensions to achieve the impact that is required.


Dynamics 365 Marketing comes with built-in compliance features that allow you to conform to rules and regulations set by your customers.

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