Application Integration

A holistic mechanism of data exchange within all your applications that covers internal & external domains.

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Application integration for the purpose of efficient data exchange is currently redefining business operation dynamics. The current IT landscape requires a tightly knit communication path in an organization where employees and outsiders can effectively communicate.

Techvista Qatar prides itself on its enterprise application development system and integration capabilities. And hence provides you with the ability to seamlessly execute information sharing within applications and external systems. Our application integration experts will terminate all swivel chair processes and elevate your operations through executing efficient application integrations.

How Application integration helps you:

Increase Productivity

Through application integration, you will be able to reduce delays in reporting when you’re stuck in a problem.

Cost Reduction

Application integration allows for an efficient mechanism to exchange information within all your applications which reduces significant costs.

Accurate Information

Benefit from Error-free information across various applications and avoid risks of redundancies in data.

Generate Revenue

System integration service allows you to generate revenue as the data provided can be used to gain insights. Sell these insights to other organizations to make informed decisions.

Integration methods to power your organization

Point-to-Point Integration

Application pairs can be connected directly

Agile Integration

With agile integration, upscaling has no limits.

Offline Integration

Batch transfers suited for low volumes

Multi-Formats and systems

Information sharing mechanism across a wide range of formats and systems

Move Information Payload

Seamlessly move information payloads through core services

Open APIs

Integrations with external parties with ease and security

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