Application Integration

Automatic consolidation and exchange of data between all your applications and internal & external systems

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In this current IT landscape, businesses rely heavily on applications and systems for communication inside the organization with employees, and outside with consumers, partners, government agencies and suppliers.

Techvista Qatar provides application integration services that offer an easy way for organizations to execute information sharing between applications and systems.

Our experts help your organization understand business data and its usage, as to avoid ‘swivel-chair integration’ and drive efficiency. This eliminates the time wastage in managing different software and applications.

How Application integration helps you:

Boosts Efficiency

Reduces delays in reporting, communication and problem identification.

Reduces Costs

Automation, improvement in management, and data sharing brought on by application integration eliminates the need for extra resources.

Ensures Accuracy

Exterminate data duplication and redundancy; enabling the flow of error-free information across the business channel.

Monetizes Information Exchange

Create new revenue streams using your organization’s unique data by providing other businesses with valuable insights to facilitate informed decision making.

Integration methods to power your organization

Point-to-Point Integration

Connect pairs of applications directly

Enterprise Service Bus & Microservices

Agile integration services that can be scaled and updated independently

Offline Integration

Batch transfers best suited for poor connectivity or low workloads

Service-Oriented Architecture

Share information efficiently across many formats and systems


Core services that move information payloads reliably

Open APIs

Integrate with external parties using secure, monetizable, easy-to-manage technology

Technology Stack

Discover how Techvista Qatar can help you produce tangible business results using digital technology

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