9th Jun 2021

Techvista, Qatar co-hosts webinar on Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection with Microsoft

Provider of a wide range of technology solutions and services, Techvista recently co-hosted a webinar with Microsoft to highlight how the Fraud Protection and Loss Prevention capabilities of Dynamics 365 can deliver agility, efficiency, productivity, and confidence to the retail industry in the post-COVID world. 

Watch the recording of the full webinar here: Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

The webinar’s panellists included speakers from both Techvista and Microsoft. Muhammad Aurangzeb, Digital Transformation Consultant, and Ahsan Tufail, Senior Managing Consultant, represented Techvista. Khurram Zaki, Product Manager for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, was an expert from Microsoft. 

The webinar started with Khurram Zaki detailing how Dynamics 365 fits into Microsoft’s robust technology solution ecosystem. He highlighted how the platform is at the very centre of this ecosystem that includes Azure, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform and it displays the full spectrum of intelligently integrated business solutions that cover every facet of critical enterprise operations. 

Joining after Khurram, Muhammad Aurangzeb explained the capabilities of the Fraud Protection module and highlighted how they deliver incredible agility, optimization, and confidence to allow enterprises to function smoothly. He explained the booming trend of social and mobile eCommerce in the GCC, which saw a meteoric rise owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Moreover, he shared statistical data related to this trend, which is also seeing increased adoption in the B2B arena and is expected to experience twice the growth as B2C eCommerce through 2030. According to him, the rise of digital payment ecosystems is also spawning cybercrime and other advanced fraudulent activities, which are costing businesses dearly. Dynamics 365’s AI-powered Fraud Protection measures here would go a long way in helping retailers battle this risk and save costs. 

Ahsan Tufail demonstrated Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection module in action and the way it extracts meaningful insights across different systems to power informed decision-making. After a brief look into real-world examples of how companies leveraged Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection to safeguard themselves against fraud and loss risk, an insightful Q&A session concluded the webinar. 

Zahid Janjua, General Manager at Techvista Qatar, emphasized the importance of fraud protection in these times. The recent turn of events has caught industries off-guard; the retail industry continues to navigate the market turbulence through adopting complex enterprise systems. However, over time the sophistication of business fraud is also increasing, which ascertains using intelligent technology to counter this threat. Dynamics 365 intelligent fraud protection capabilities not only enable businesses to minimize the risk and the ensuing costs but also empower them to deliver better customer experiences.