Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR and Payroll Module

Comprehensive HR and payroll management to Qatar market needs and legislations

Dedicated and hardworking employees are the heart of every successful organization. The HR function is responsible for hunting and retaining the required talent, while keeping the employees productive and focused. This calls for a well-integrated solution that keeps this process in check. But how can your organization establish communication channels that support the organization-employee communication? How can you leverage the right tools to streamline this process?

Simplify your HR and Payroll process

Streamlining your company’s entire recruit to retire process is now possible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR and Payroll Module by Techvista Qatar. With employee profile management, KPI tracking, payroll processing, forecasting and budgeting, employee self-service portal, loan management and much more, we can make your organization’s entire HR and Payroll processes effortless.

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