29th Dec 2021

Revolutionizing businesses with the power of a digital ubiquity

With digital revolution underway, businesses have become intelligent, connected, and increasingly proactive. Coming out on top of today’s competitive market requires businesses to capitalize on resources and make every customer journey count. While many focus on investing in customer insights, integrating operations is the way forward, particularly for enterprises serving globally. As much as 60% of top-tier technology companies require workforce collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to create a unified ecosystem that leverages business growth through effortless information flow. 

The blog breaks down how connected business processes enable your business to thrive in today’s digital upheaval in a cohesive work environment through simplified reporting, effortless customer interactions, and a winning culture.  

What goes wrong with disconnected systems?  

If you run a business, your day often starts with going through the mailbox, checking up on important follow-ups, team meetings, or vendor proposals. Having established your business from scratch, you have a clear insight into customer preferences, and are still up and running routine business operations. With business growth comes greater responsibility, which means you won’t be able to manage all the departments as your company expands.  

Complex business procedures and collaboration with multiple teams can become a challenge that will require you to adopt different applications that unify your strengths and enhance productivity. But if you are switching between standalone business solutions from time to time, it may add additional timelines to your ever-expanding list of tasks. This diminishes productivity and leaves less room for scalability which stifles your ability to innovate your business.  

Experts at Gartner propose that technology service providers who fail to recognize the importance of digital product management within the next two years are likely to face considerable business disruption. In other words, this highlights the importance of digital connectivity and how it gives companies the competitive edge they need to dominate the market.  

Deciphering digital ubiquity  

With the need for digitally connected systems soaring sky-high, enterprises tend to fundamentally rethink the meaning of value. Organizations that embrace digital transformation foster a connected ecosystem to help them better respond to disruptions and capitalize on technology trends. A comprehensive business management solution could prove a breath of fresh air in challenging times, particularly when you need to manage and maintain multiple business functions simultaneously.  

What MNCs do these days is deploy a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) systems that help them better manage resources, build strong customer rapport, and fortify their position in the market. Getting through administrative tasks quickly with automated business solutions helps you focus on the bigger picture and take better care of customers.  

Building a thriving ecosystem of connected business players 

The key to a successful business strategy lies in bringing people, processes and systems on the same board. Business operations, workforce productivity and connecting people are at the heart of an organization’s lasting success. Market-leading companies understand that their employees form the backbone that connects business systems together through use of intelligent resource planning, accounting, and automated process handling. Connected businesses systems allow teams to breeze through operations and pull everything together without spending time and resources on low-value tasks.  

Here are some ways how a connected ecosystems help enterprises thrive in the competitive market. 

Simplified reporting procedures  

A powerful ERP solution can help your accountants carry out hassle-free operations. Making financial reporting easier streamlines your month-end close and creates data consistency that creates better opportunities for real-time data analysis. To cater to these needs, Microsoft Power BI is a useful enterprise tool that gives meaning to business data with a wide array of proactive features for end-to-end data visibility.  

Effortless customer interactions  

Your sales team could either bag that major business lead or end up in a deal-breaker. Connected sales representatives are more responsive to customer queries and address them professionally. Comprehensive business solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365 empower your enterprise to maximize return on investment by utilizing a unified sales history, including existing quotes, current orders, and customer personas.  

Reimagine business productivity  

Top-line CRM solutions have one thing in common – they allow you to work where business takes you. Meeting high-priority commitments on short notice requires a centralized suite of business applications that work together as a single platform, channeling relevant information across the organization. A connected ecosystem of business functions drives business transformation that drives productivity and revenue growth in the long run.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Techvista Qatar offers intelligent and disruptive business solutions powered by Microsoft’s powerful capabilities and industry expertise. Microsoft 365 Business Central is an integrated enterprise solution that combines your financial, marketing, sales, and supply chain operations under one roof. It gives you a 360-degree view of your entire business with actionable insights to garner tangible results through value-added services. 

Techvista Qatar as a proud Microsoft partner believes in accelerating business value with market-centric solutions, automated resource management and frictionless customer interactions.  

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